Don Peyote

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                                                                                          NEW RELEASE   ** INNER PORTALS **  

Don Peyote **INNER PORTALS**  released on the 4th december 2018 on Bancamp 

'Inner Portals' is a continuous 56 minutes beat-less immersive ambient journey , a Galactic soundscape designed to be experienced in a relaxed setting, a candle lit space .. the eleven tracks on the this album :

1 Ascent   2 Cosmic fog   3 Inner Portals   4 The Watchers   5 Bells & Star dust   6 Tempest   7 The Galactic way   8 Centrifugal Tourbillon   9 Dark Nebula   10 Venusian kiss   11 Solar winds

are a seamless mix of Synth drones, evolving pads and spacial effects , A sonic dreamzone to help you voyage into your inner cosmos . It was mastered by sonic wizard Vincent Villuis and sounds particularly great in the headphones..

This  Album is available on  Bandcamp only! 
Thanks for supporting my music !

~Don Peyote ~